In utopia-Australia

By: crunchgodabruinknees

The laborite swirling down the drain like Britain is accelerating.

In utopia, everyone will always be safe — even firefighters. Progress has been made in that regard in Australia:

Firefighters at airports have been banned from climbing ladders more than two meters high during training in case they fall and hurt themselves.

Airservices Australia chief fire officer Glenn Wood confirms it:

‘We take the safety of our people very seriously and there is a risk of fall from height,’ he said.

I hope the firefighters are not forced to train with heavy equipment. Not only could that result in tiredness, it might also constitute sex discrimination. Bad enough that New York firefighters have been subjected to racial discrimination by having to take entrance exams that require intelligence.

Back in Australia,

Airport firefighters have also been banned from using power saws – and now have to wait for local firefighters to bring different tools if they need to cut through material.

Maybe they should equip the firefighters with Nerf axes so that that their self-esteem doesn’t suffer. It could be hurtful for them to think they are not trusted with tools of the trade.

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