By: Old Hickory Trojan

who would have retalitiated against the US war with China which the Chinese provoked by insterting Chinesse Regulars into the battle lines...China sure the hell didn't have that capability....Russia? I don't think so especially if Patton had been allowed what he wanted to do to them at the end of WWII....and it all started in Korea when McArthur had the Chinese and the North Koreans on the run and didn't want to stop until he crushed them and drove the Chinese into China to the point where the supply lines to North Korea were completely cut off.....Truman wimped out and didn't let either Patton or McArthur finish it....and I'm sue that if McArthur had kickd Mao's ass there was a General in Taiwan that would have happily attempted to take back the crown..

It was a pay me now or pay me later decision and as is typical in Washington they decided to pay me later...and look where that's taken us...

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