First two Gun Control laws pass the

By: Old Hickory Trojan

House....same two I mentioned earlier....mor eto follow...and in other gun control news the florida HS shooting report has been released and calls the blaming on the NRA by Police Chielf Isreal all Bullshet and blames the police for not acting...and in more news Gov Cuomon in NY has threatened banks with actions if they continue to fund gun stores and gun and ammo manufacturers...the President of Hornaday ammunition responded and said Hornaday will no longer serve any NY police or other security requirements for ammo even though he has two contracts to supply them with ammo...and one more....they are also pressuring Credit Card companies to no longer allow the sale of firearms or ammo using their credit cards....along with the judge ruling that the police have absolutely no obligation or liability in failing to protext private citizens when lawsuits were filed against officers who filed to stop the shooting at the Florida HS....this is not new...but serves to remind folks that the words on some police cars that says "serve and pure bullshet...

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