Why the GOP Must attack the sleezeballs..

By: bread

yes and Romney and McConnell will want to get back to "normal"..(Globalism with Dems).   But the GOP must beware.

The Dems and the NY Times are Experts at pretending and recasting history. And they will do the same with this. Their.corrupt failed efforts to override Trump election and cover crooked Hillary are being reimagined as you read.  

But what they have unwittingly done is EXPOSE how they (not the will of people)  control of the Justice Dept and probably the Security Apparatus of the USA.  

Those. are the points of weakness to put them on Defense. The leaks between Big Media and the Government are lessor and easier places to start.  Stryck and McCabe doing just 8 months "inside" with "Jamal and Pedro" make those arrogant Sobs get right and improve their memories.

But it's Brennan and Clapper who need to pay the piper.  And you know to whom that would lead. eg. $$$$$$ for Iran & Hezbollah.  Support and vast arms for the Muslim Brotherhood gov. in Egypt.  Maybe even penetration of those tissue paper LIES about Benghazi.   Who in the USA paid to undermine the last Israeli elections. 


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