23 year old white kid being charged

By: Petros Papakakas

by FBI for filing a false report in relation to a missing child case dating back to 2010. For some sick reason this 23 year old reported he was a missing child from 8 years ago. Apparently he watched an episode of 20/20 and saw the sad story about the missing child. It took investigators a full day to investigate and conduct DNA testing and confirm the guy was not the missing child. This was a high profile case which required immediate attention and probably took 15-20 hours of follow up. I’ll estimate it cost the feds between 2-3k in wasted funds invested in the new investigation. The 23 yr old is looking at 8 years for this crime. I can almost guarantee you the kid will do some time..... So what did the Hussie investigation(s) cost? How much time did Hussie receive? Oh, that’s right, he was innocent. Maybe Michelle can reach out to the District Attorney’s Office to put in a good word.
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