By: bread

Mainstream media is working to make this some run of the mill, extra-marital relationship.  IT'S NOT>

Because she's a Democrat. It would be BIGGER if she were part of the GOP.   

Katie Hill, After inheirting a ranch up near Santa Clarita, she leveraged her homeless advocacy in LA to be elected in the North of LA gullible bedroom communities.  New to D.C. After 2017 elections she hired her recent UCDavis grad. lesbo lover... as a staffer. (That last is the no no).

All only about a tenth of what this off the rails 32 yr. old Psycho pulled. Multiple girlfriends., a marriage to a guy we really would rather NOT know about. pour in drugs, drunken behavior., that scared even her "diverse" friends. Animalls?  why not? She had inherited a ranch.   And this is all the NORMAL stuff she advances.

Forget the Congressional Investigators. What the voters in her district get to hear is all that will matter.  Big median will deflect as much as possible.


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