Old people and their relatives

By: Rodeoduck

are in a bind.

They are against the extreme leftist approach of the Democrats. Democrats want Medicare and Social Security benefits for illegal aliens first, thus possible lowering or removing it for old citizens, who actually paid into the system for decades. Also Racial Reparations would reduce or eliminate benefits for white and Asian old people.

But the Tea Party Republicans want to reduce or eliminate Medicare and Social Security to "balance the budget". Tea Partiers say these programs are "Ponzi Schemes created by FDR. ".Someone has to take the hit to save the budget.

Their only defense would be to vote for divided government: Put Democrats in one part of the legislative branch and Republicans in the other, like it is now.

President Trump has done a lot to help the economy and remove regulations, affirmative action requirements, etc. IMO he should be elected. Putting Democrats in one part of the legislature would be helpful only to keep the Tea Parties out of the picture. By the way, the Tea Partiers are probably against building the border wall and expanding the military for budgetary reasons.

Tough choices.

It seems the dictum "be Ye not lukewarm" is alive and well in Washington. The Tea Partiers versus the Socialists.

Only in politics is mediocrity rewarded with re hiring. Football coaches with lousy records are subject to firing. 

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