Nope we need a majority of

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Conservatives in both houses to get Trumps agenda locked down...executive orders can get canned with a new president. We don't need Rhinos who in reality don't want a all and don't want the deep state removed from running Washington politics. Tey are as dangerous as th Democrats that have swing so far left that reasoning with them is impossible....they are at a minimum socialsists and at the maximum anarchists...what we need is smaller government, less entitlement programs, no more talk about reparations, no more talk about medicare for all, no more talk about the green deal, no more talk about abolishing the second amendment and redefining the first amendment, and we need more constitutionalist judges on the Supreme Court and less activists on the federal courts by replacing them as well with those that only use the Constitution as their determinations...

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