By: malapert

Antifa – the street army of the ‘democratic’ establishment will become the kernel, the hard core cadre of the Communist insurgency in America.  They are presently arming and training for the role.   They have money, motivation and method.  As they feel and find their way, they will become the means.

History is replete with examples.  Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and now here, in North America, the sons of the sixties have matured and produced a new generation of Red Brigade, Red Army Faction, ‘Shining Path’; a new and more virulent ‘Weathermen’.

They will become the American Viet Cong.

For now, they’re mainly younger people of limited capability, but thoroughly imbued with their ‘religion’.  Years of indoctrination from public elementary school through elite university, have borne fruit.  These will not be the frontline grunts, but the Agitprop agents who recruit, conscript, and command the ‘bulletcatchers’ who do the fighting.

They are inside the wire, now.

Communists never actually believe their bullshit.  They know that it is just a means to achieve power and control.  They feel entitled by their superiority, intellectual, moral, or ‘right’ to rule.  For sixty years, they’ve been told they’re the ‘best and brightest’.  Their parents allowed them license and made them available to the communist missionaries in the education industry.  They breed among themselves and produce new crops.

They are inside the wire, now.

Antonio Gramsci, Bill Clinton’s mentor, taught that the route to success led through the institutions.  Accordingly, the virus spread through academia . . . and through the Roman Catholic Church.  Any countervailing ideology was suborned at the start. 

Communism uses the tools it needs to win its objectives.  Homosexuals corrupted the Church,  Feminists destroyed the natural comity between the sexes, Race became a weapon, and class is becoming more useful among the susceptible.

2020 may be the year, or it may come later, but come it will, and here it will be.

They are inside the wire, now.

Consider the Communists and their fellow travelers control the West Coast, the North East, much of the Middle West, and all the major cities already.  Consider they or their useful idiots control the media, major corporations, the education establishment and most ‘Christian’ organizations in the country today.

They are inside the wire, now.

Political Correctness is but one of their means and methods.  Destroying the history and heritage of the South is another.  Fear and uncertainty is their stock in trade.  Erasing the normal standards – creating five year old ‘Trannies’ – is their stock in trade.

When nothing is sacred, when you believe in nothing, everything is false and nothing sure, then they will rise with their promises of Utopian dreams.  Convert you or Kill you.

Historically, the number of active agents of totalitarian systems is small.  It was so in the French Revolution, among the Italian Fascists, and the German ‘National Socialists’.  No more than two million Communists controlled the entire Soviet Empire. 

They are inside the wire, now.

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