Can they make Communism work

By: Rodeoduck

Communism has failed in its promise.

In the Soviet Union, Communism functioned until the late 1980s, but it imploded. The Russians could not make Communism work.

In CHina, they call themselves Communist, even use the Hammer and Sickle, but Karl Marx would not recognize what is going on in China. They instead have a non-heriditary Emperor and some hybrid system.

Why do these Millenials believe that somehow with them, it will be different.

Also both Russia and China were empires/kingdoms before they became Communist. They were single race countries (Russia is White, China is Oriental).

My belief is that Communism won't work for them, as it didn't work in Russia and China. 

But revolution is fun, and they don't have to work. Maybe that is their thought process. Besides Greta Thunburg has said that the world will end in 12 years.

Here goes yet another rebellious generation.

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