Depends on which side the

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Military represents...most military are right of center and beleive in the Constituton and Bil of I don't see them following any orders to disarm right wingers who are rebeling against the tyranny of the Federal government if it falls off the left cliff...more like

Governors order police to take action which also helps expalin the militarization of our poilcie forces...and of course you have the few leftys that will take up arms...problem is...most of the Constitutionals that lean right out arm those, many are ex military and some are already in are probably looking at multiple divisions of a broke US with red states aligning with the rebels and blue states the tyranny...and then the question becomes...does the Federal Government fall in linewith which group, do they dissolve or is it divided as well with less power over states...where it's only responsibility is to protect the whole and not get iinvloved with states who wanbt to do things differently then one another....IMHO

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