Not quite accurate...

By: malapert

First of all its a woman not a guy.

Second, the woman isnt accused of leaking, but instead for accessing the video.

So ABC is so embarrassed about the Epstein thing that they are tipping off competitors regarding former employees who simply accessed to Robach footage? What are they going to do to the employee who actually leaked it?”


HMMM: ABC News Whistleblower Ashley Bianco Fired from CBS News For “Accessing” the Video of Amy Robach Discussing Jeffrey Epstein:

The woman who obtained a clip of an ABC News reporter trashing the network for spiking a story she did years ago about Jeffrey Epstein accuser, was fired from her job at CBS News because she accessed the footage.

Ashley Bianco, 25, an Emmy-winning producer for CBS This Morning, is the former employee who obtained the footage of Amy Robach, according to The Daily Mail and journalist Yashar Ali. She was a producer at ABC for Good Morning America prior to her leaving for CBS News. CBS has since fired Bianco after they found out she accessed the video.

Note the use of the word “accessed.” According to Ali in a Twitter thread:

It’s really important to remind folks that Ashley Bianco was not fired by CBS News for leaking the footage of Amy Robach to Project Veritas. No one at either network knows who did that. Bianco was fired because ABC News determined that she accessed the footage of Robach.

All the idiots leaving me voicemails, DMing me, and replying to my tweets saying I’m covering for CBS News in the tweet above need to be reminded that you wouldn’t know about this if it weren’t for me. It’s actually worse that she was fired for accessing footage, not better.

For those asking (and I think this is an important distinction), Bianco is not accused of accessing ABC News footage while she was at CBS Bianco, according to my sources, accessed the footage while she was still an ABC employee. She was not fired by ABC, she left on her own.

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