There are laws already on the books

By: Old Hickory Trojan

that were passed by Congress that have stood this test need to re-try it again so the gun grabbers can drive another firearm company out of business by tying them up in defending themselves when the law already exists.....imagine the precendent this could set for other things a few far leftists want to do away with....Remington is already financially struggling...and now the have to defend something that makes absolutely no sense against a bunch of anti gunners who love to put them and everyone else out of business ....the Court made a bad move based upon the argument that a court found a slingshot company liable for the use of a purcahser of a slingshot doing personal injury...and that was a very bad ruling and should have been overturned as stupidity on the part of the judge that ruled on that...geez....throw the kid in jail and sue the family for whatever damage the kid did...where is the "real" accountability?

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