More clearly

By: bread

My take: WHY are RAT Leaders RISKING the entire Dem Party in their manipullations ?

Simple: Because the entire D party is  ALREADY at risk... if ongoinng uses of SPY activities are EXPOSED.

The Constant charges and hearings are DEFENSIVE as well as OFFENSE.

Note that Both the Russia Investign and Ukraine stem from the same "authorities".   The spy agencies.

Anyone notice that Ambassador Yvanowitz, a dutiful women and the Lt.Colonel's testimony both Broke their own customary chain of command. in the Ukraine matter.  How so?.

They testified as going to NSA for instruction.  (perhaps with the blessings of State Dept. who is the most rabid anti-Trump large deep state agency).  NSA is the home of Brennan and Clapper. Just as in the Russia "probe".  

Maybe their subversioons started even before Trunp and the current suspicious behaviors. Does that sound like a stretch?  Not anymore.

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