Irrelevant a pure non-sequitor

By: malapert

The point os that the covenant to let elections reults prevail has broken. The radical left is now into the marxist win by any means approach. Antifa is an example. The fact that current coup putsch might not work doesnt mean near term vilence to dovercome the marxists might not become necessary. 

Thatbroken covenant and lack of consesnsus brings violence, dissolution of the union and other unthinkable politcal acts to the top.

The Left further doesnt share the same view of consititutional rights like free speach--for example

"When asked, "Should federal or state governments ban speech by individuals that a majority of Americans believes to be offensive, including speech considered to be racist or sexist," most likely voters (50 percent) said "no," while 27 percent said "yes," and 24 percent said they were "not sure."

Yet a full 51 percent of likely voters who said they have a "very favorable" view of Bernie Sanders said governments should ban "offensive" speech. Thirty-six percent of those with a "somewhat favorable" view of Sanders agreed. Similarly, 49 percent of those who had a "very favorable" view of Elizabeth Warren also supported speech bans, as did 37 percent of those with a "somewhat favorable" view of her."

Shitty public education full of the weevil of marxism is killing the republic.


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