He's a left wing cover up artist

By: Old Hickory Trojan

who needs to work for CNN...John Durham is a well respected federal prosecutor who is looking at the whole picture and the links internationally as well as outside the FBI whereas Horowitz went only withn the FBI and didn't consider outsiders influence or put two and two together...Horowitz is also a Democrat who is a government stooge..he proved that in his previous report...obviously a guy that doesn't want to piss his masters off.......even Barr found the Horowitz report distirbing in the fact the guy couldn't put two and two together and completely disregarded the venom towards Trump which there was hard evidence of....only a total left wing loon would disregard allthe evidence and Hotowitz had to have done that to come to his conclusions...or is sympathetic to his friends in the FBI...they don't call it the deep state for nothing...

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