Now I heard it all California style

By: Rodeoduck

While visiting California, staying with relatives. I have gleaned the following based on some of their acquaintances and colleagues

a.  California, paricularly Hollywood stands for excellence. Excellence in physique and in conscience. No sloppiness is allowed. People are healthier than in the rest of the country.

b. Excellence in education. According to a thing called AB 705, Students at colleges can begin with transferable courses, since the High Schools are more academically oriented than those in the rest of the country. There are no "community" colleges, just "junior" colleges teaching what California State Colleges teach. 

c. Expectations are higher here, people are more "woke" than in the backwards Midwest and South. They are adults sharing the same country with immature idiots in "flyover country."

d. Greta Thunberg is their "Madonna". She can do No Wrong.

e. Donald Trump is a "Champion of Mediocrity". The economy allows even the below average to find work. In order to promote excellence, we need a weaker economy so that only the Excellent can have jobs.

e. The Impeachment of President Trump is about removing Mediocrity. Speaker of the House Pelosi is simply trying to make Government "Reflect Well" on its citizenry. President Trump is some "Boorish Idiot" who makes America Ashamed Again.

e. Oregon is a conservative state (at least compared to California).

f. If the rest of America affirms it's "commitment to Mediocrity" by re-electing President Trump, California should declare independence and become a separate country.

g. If Chinese workers can make a product more cheaply than Midwestern American workers, then the Americans have to learn how to be excellent. "Protectionist Tariffs" are not the answer.

h. Those who live in "flyover" country are "deplorables" and should not be allowed to vote, that they are children, incapable of understanding what it takes to be excellent. One professor at California-Berkely" states that people who live in rural areas are "inefficient" and should be required to live in urban areas.

i. There is no such thing as "illegal aliens", these individuals are entitled to all government handouts. Citizens, in particular white males should be ineligible for government programs since they have "squandered" their immense privilege.

This is enough to make this Duck to fly away from California and never return.

So this is what other states call "Californication"

Some good Southern Barbecue would taste good now.



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