Getting the President's goat

By: Rodeoduck

Pelosi can count and realizes that she would need at least 20 out of t3 Republicans to vote for conviction, which looks impossible now.

Keep the pressure on and hope that President Trump is goaded into a Twitter Tantrum.

Donald Trump has done wonders for the economy, removing needless regulations and providing a much needed stimulus with the tax cuts.

The US is well on the road to energy independence, meaning that the US is no longer beholden to the Middle East.

He does have the bad habit of having Twitter Tantrums every now and them. Nancy Pelosi is hoping to get President Trump to have a Twitter Tantrum and then she could say something to the effect that President Trump is too impulsive to remain President.

What would be a better idea for Pelosi is to find some young moderates to run for President. What the Democrats have now is a bunch of young radicals or very old candidates (e.g. Biden and Bernie). 


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