This is all about the Pro Gun Rally

By: Old Hickory Trojan

that has been scheduled for months. The Governor has forbidden firearms be at the rally and is now saying becise there will be anti-gunners coming in to protest it he needs to insure everyones safety. My position is if you want to protect everyones safety throw the anti gunners out. This wasn't there rally to begin with and it's purely for disruption and cause probelems ...if those folks want to support anti gun legislation have their own rally at a different time..

Sonehow I think this is just another attempt to squash freedom of speech and use the media to blame this on the pro gun faction if anyting does break out...and if I were to attend I would bring my firearm as long as there was no ordinance on the books prior to the election allowing it....but only if their was no law against it from before this last election...anything after the election is an action against the people and the second amendment...

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