You're in Love with ideas of revolution

By: bread

Its a non-starter bubby.  Though a beloved need and hope of Communists.  Those who some influence of the Dems but Nationally they are killing the Dems.

Then the idea of VA spreading favor through Middle. America is just. YOUR Dream.  Virginnia is astrange brew found in ffew other places.  A huge number of USGubment beareaucrats voting against Trump and for Big Gov.  And all ruln by former Gov. Terry McCaulllif, Hillery's old bag man who won despite being caught swindling a big Co. in VA.

So enscosnced that a current Gov. can safely stay in office despite his Black Face ccostume in his frat days.

Do youu see that spreading to CA, NY or Wash.?  NO....despite their insane Leftward tillts.  

So which side are you Really on?

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