Not a criminal trial

By: Rodeoduck

IMO the Impeachment Is an employment decision, not a criminal trial.

For their own reasons, a majority of the House of Representatives wants to fire President Trump and has recommended to the Senate to fire him.

Now IMO the Senate will note to retain President Trump.

Speaker of the House Pelosi still wanted to do thus, even with the knowledge that the Senate world vote to retain President Trump.

IMO she is doing this because:

a. Keep the left wing base happy

b. Hope that enough bad news comes out of the hearings, that independent voters will vote against President Trump.

c. Goad President Trump to do and/or say something rash, that would cause people to lose their faith in him.

d. Get a place in history.

Unlike a criminal trial, there is no guarantee of due prosess, and there is no appeal.

Also, even if the Senate were to vote to fire Trump (something as unlikely as an Oregon State appearence in the Jan 1, 2021 Rose Bowl Game), he would still be eligible to run in the 2020 election.

IMO President Trump will remain President. Also unless the Democrats to a much better job in choosing a candidate than they are currently doing, he will win the 2020 election and be President until January 2025.


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