I's being built and Trump spoke of it

By: Old Hickory Trojan

two days ago...and in his speech he spoke to the who is paying for it and you just need to learn to be patient....it's coming and in reality with the fact 27,000 mexican troops ar e being used after pressure from Trump to slow the immigration of illegals into the country you should see that it's getting done...afterall with all the obstacles the so called sociaiist democrats have impeded the progress I don't see how anyone could say he isn't getting it done...and I don't ever remember Trump saying one of his goals was to lock up Hillary as an objective of his first term. I suggest you wait for the report from Durham and wait for charges now that the FISA courts have found wrongdoings by the Demorats...and with 2020 being another four years of Trump there shouldn't be an issue cleaning out all the Democrats in government and their ilegal activities...in the meantie the country is doing great with Trump...


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