Nancy Pelosi

By: Rodeoduck

The California Queen. Protector of Excellence and Scourge of Mediocrity.

She is unhappy, the economy is strong enough that there is a shortage of potential employees. This means that the mediocre and below average can find a job. When the economy was struggling, employers in California could demand excellence. This would reflect well on California. Instead she belives that other states have palmer off their failures on California, causing the Homeless problem" in California

She is also quite upset that the Paragon of the Average, Donald Trump, escaped the Impeachment trap she set for him.

She believes that "Toxic Masculinity" triumphed over her Feminist ideals.

She was so upset that she "had to" tear up her copy of President Trump's State of the Union Address.

When I asked something to the effect that she no longer seems sane,  is there a way of removing her from office because of insane behavior, I was told:

"THERE IS NO SANITY CLAUSE, she can stay in office until voted out.


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