Your comprehension of facts

By: Old Hickory Trojan

leave a lot to be desired. Where did I say it was OK...what I sad was in the time of George Washington slavery was an accepted practice because they were not looked at as men...and I mentioned that because I think it's nuts to defile the hostory of this country and of a great leader in George Washington. I also said that all this pointing at the SOuth when in fact the North had the company that was bringing slaves to this country. Ye North had slaves including through the Civil this morality busllshet South bad North good is crap...the whole country had its sins and at the same time it's greatness. An infant nation with a new set of developing rules makes mistakes its totally natural. You don't wipe theose mstakes out of history or you will rpat them. You remember them and make sure as you move forward you don't make them again..

The problem I have is with deniers like you that won;t accept even the words of the President that illegally started a war...that said it was never about slavery it was about the SOuth breaking up the Union ( and facts be told the had the right to do so). In fact Lincolns said if the South paid $4M in taxes they could keep their that anything that puts the North on the high ground...I don't think so. Learn to separate the morality of slavery from the poltics of the Civil War...they were two distinct issues and slavery didn't start the Civil War...the separation of the Union learn something...

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