Man. you are thick headed

By: Old Hickory Trojan

I'm not just addressing you when I speak of the North but another poster. that claims only the south had vile beahvior in regards to slavery and that the Civil War was fought over slavery...with the moralistic North and the Satan cult South...and since you keep reverting back to slavery as the issue I put you in the same pocket as that poster...and the fact that you don't get that at the time slavery was an accepted practice so to measure those men at that time and history and destroy  them from history is bullshet...and that point goes to the destruction of statues of Washington, Jefferson, Columbus and such and the desecration of Confederate leaders many that never had slaves but were fighting for states bullshet....the only SOuthern general I have a particulatr problem with was Nathan Bradford Forrest...and if you read up you might understand here it is..

1.) The Civil War and the right to susede were Constitutionally allowed and Lincoln illegally started a war by violating the Constitution emto stop th

2.) The North had passed taxs and tariffs on the South that drove the argument for succession

3.) The SOuth is not evil and the North good...evil men exsited on. both sides and goo men as well..

There mention of slavery...just the facts on the Civil War...

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