Your point is again incorrect

By: Old Hickory Trojan

Who is the South? You are aware the both Virginia and Tennesse were at one time considered Border states...which means they hadn't seceded...and were standing with the Union ....until Lincoln sent a federal force into those states...and then they joined the Confederacy...and Lee resigned his command at west Point refused Lincolns offer to lead the Union Army...and told Lincoln no he was returning to his soveriegn state of Virginia and that in he beleived Lincoln was the first president that went to war with his own country.....and the succession was legal, the actions of Lincoln were not and lastly it wasn't about slavery..

Again you lie...not all of the Union had abolished slavery in 1804...if they had why were their still slaves in states that were still part of the union until after the 13th amendment. Saying it and doing it are two distinct things...and in doing it the North failed..they simply still had slaves....

What I don't understnad in your talking points is how you can disregard the situation the North put the South in with Taxes and Tariffs...that worked against any thought the South might have about ridding themselves of slavery. You seem to think it was the culture only that prevented the South from abolishhing slavery outright when in reality it was due to the taxes and tariffs put on the South from the North...

Lastly the argument is not about slavery but about the right of the South to secede....which they had the right to expalined in videos and articles written about that topic. That ight was guaranteed them in the Paris Treaty of 1783, and ratification of 1787 and the Constitution...Licoln violated all to keep the South in the union and it had nothing ot do with slavery as the reason for a war that killed 100,000's americans..

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