I agree

By: BuddyJ

My only question is was all this by chance or was it intentional.  Would they really be willing to kill people, although old people, to get Trump?    WOuld they really kill an innocent black guy in Minn to create a race war that kills hundreds more and causes millions in damages.

More and more I believe they would.  I now believe that the virus was man made, sent to the US to crash the econmy, obstruct Trump with a bogus impeachment to distract him, and kill people and crash the economy.  I believe the guy in Minn is either not really dead or he was sacrificed.

JUST ask yourself why do all these occurances, the pandemic, the race wars, the crashing of the economy, benefit the people who want Trump gone and who want more open immigration and outsourcing and hurt those who support Trump who want border control and no outsourcing of factories and jobs.

The beneficiaries of all these "coincidences" are:




The media

The Chamber

The big tech

The fascists

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