I agree with this

By: arnie1

keep re-opening but with realistic requirements.... masks, occupancy limits, keeping your social distance.   The people screwing this up are the rioters, marchers, those packing the bars, large home bashes/gatherings, etc.   Trump need to encourage the economic reopening and balance it with reasonable, practical, implementable restrictions.   Stay home if you are sick.   Etc.   He's just gone to ignoring that it exists at all and is getting killed for it.   That plus he is not balancing the message of law and order with right to peaceful protest well enough.    He should push harder on law and order and at the same time encourage and support the right to peaceful protest in a more vigorous way.  He can win this way.  But it almost seems like he is mailing it in, trying to lose.   I don't blame it on the campaign manager, because I don't believe Trump takes direction from anyone but himself.  His intincts are failing him at the moment.   But it is not too late.  If he is going to lose, he can't lose the Senate with him.   That is the doomsday scenario.

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