No Wikileaks this time

By: Rodeoduck

As I remember from 2016, Clinton would start edging up in polls to say a 6 point lead, then BING, out would come another Wikileaks expose about emails. We would learn about another in description by Hillary Clinton. Then Clinton's lead would dwindle.

But this time, there is no Wikileaks to come to the rescue, Biden is 8 to 12 points ahead, no timely Wikileaks to narrow the gap.

IMO Trump is in trouble. 

However if the coronavirus weakens to the point that we can all go back to work again and ditch the facemasks and Social distabcing, then Trump should pull off the victory.

But if things stay the way they are, then Trump will have a difficult time.

Will Biden give everyone a rocking chair and a pillow?


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