Not necessarily the way you see it split

By: Cdctrojanfan

No reason existing states have to stay in place. Come to an agreement where each new country gets a section of the west and east coasts. The libs could have the entire west coast from Seattle to LA County. Orange County and SD would go to the conservative republic. It could be divided up so that each country received desert, mountains, plains and coastline. Of course all of this is doubtful and the more likely scenario is that the older conservatives die off and the younger ones move to another country. The reality is that you will eventually get this socialist utopia that you crave. Young people have been indoctrinated really believe that they can have all this free stuff without consequences. Each election we will become more socialist. I will be in another country by then, but it is certain they will be in for a rude awakening as the socialist chickens always come home to roost. Hope I'm alive to see it and LMAO from afar.

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