Not sure it happened like that

By: Petros Papakakas

(KKK went straight lib), however, truer words have never been spoken. Apologies In advance for repeating this story: Friend and former co-worker told me essentially the same thing years ago. He claimed the elite liberals disguised their agenda before most of us were even born. They provide handouts to the poor (cheap housing, food stamps and welfare) to his fellow black Americans (and others) with the intention of keeping them in poverty. This guy grew up in the Watts area and saw the vast majority of his family and community turn down good starting jobs because of welfare (“you give someone 1,000 dollars a month to do nothing, he/she is not likely to see long term and take the 1800 dollar a month job”). 40 hours a week with a little stress, or waking up whenever you want with no stress and close to the same money..... **Look whats happening now. All over the country people are refusing to go back to work because a good number of them are receiving more money for staying at home. Why are the LIBERALS pushing so hard to extend this 600 dollar a week unemployment bill? THOUSANDS of claims around the country that employers can’t get their former employees back to work. Now why is the left blatantly doing this to the economy? Because of the China virus? 2500 dollars a month tax free for playing xbox ($2500 X millions). So tell me again who the real racists are. Just hire a guy like Kaepernick to sell your product, put ip a few signs and your secret is safe. LMFAO
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