Systemic Racism Deconstructed by a VERY smart man

By: PasadenaTrojan

You read any article today this should be the one. Promise.  After the first 3 or 4 tongue in cheek paragraphs he starts killing folks. Liberals, you won't like're getting UNDRESSED. Slowly but surely. You know why, because the truth cannot be controlled or hidden.  It eventually finds its way out.  But this article also SHOWS exactly how liberals and hacks like the Daily Beast (Lexi and El Trojans favorite "news" source play the game).  They play DIRTY. And they win alot but that doesnt mean they are RIGHT.

Whitlock is SLAYING it here.

Remember minorities. You are MY EQUAL except we BOTH acknowledge that you need extra help on items like education, employment, reparations, parenting and government welfare handouts.  Is there anything more racist then BELIEVING any or all of these positions????








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