How do you know what Jesus believed?

By: San Clemente

let me guess, you read it in a book, written by whom and when? 


Think about this.  if ANY prophecy is actually TRUE and not a coincidence then everything that is going to happen has already happened and that history, now, and future of the universe is just like a CD you can hold in your hand,  and we're are just listening to the songs as the illusion of time passes. 


So you actually don't have any free will and what is going to happen will happen no matter what you do.  Might as well enjoy the hell out of your life and live in the here and now.  If you ACTUALLY 'believe' , it doesn't matter what you believe.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it. 


Might want to enjoy another "book", instead of reading the same one over and over and over again .   sc

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