BARR Hearing before House of Rep.

By: bread

ARE the DEMS this INSANE.   They sure Sound that way.

A strategy in "questioning" Barr is clearly --DON"T Let him answer your questions.

Which may be necessary because they want to Foist thei Theroies on how Barr and Trumps MINDS work (?)

By cutting him off in midsentence of any response, "because he is using up the aloted time". 

So instead of him blowing their 'Thought crimes' out of the water, they answer their OWN Questions.

About BArr being a stooge for Trump, for his "intention" by sending marshalls in to cities.  "Only to help Trump win the election

Questionns based on beliefs, and hopes....NOT in evidence anyplace..  On Twitter ? perhaps thats what the Left goes by any more.

Zoe Lofgren of North Calif. is a great example of a failing RAT party. WAAY Past her prime.  Disshevled and spewing thought crime gibberish. 

Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas ( "no hurricanes have black names""f fame)  is fine on resetation but not substance.

Hank Johnson of Tenn (ishould be an emabarrassment to all literate blacks) l . He successfully prevented Barr from any answeres I can recall.   Her ran out of time before he could call the AG what he was 'proving".  The AG is some kind of racist.

Minority Chairman-R (Jim Jordanr) in his opvening ambushed to 'RATS. with a film that undermined Dem efforts to call problems in the ciities "PEACEFUL PROTESTS".   They all had to watch the Looting, Arson, beatings and efforts to Injure law inforcement. 

DEMS have no room for even simple Truth.   CNN has a BIG Job trying to edit this Dem Mess.

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