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By: GTrojan

Many Biblical Scholars strain at gnats and swallow camels.  The Pharisees of Jesus’ time on earth is a great example.  They were Bible Scholars but knew nothing of God’s prophesy of when the Messiah would come.  Read Daniel 9:24-27.  In those verses you will see that the Messiah will come after 483 time periods from the going forth of a decree to build the wall and the streets of Jerusalem.  You’ll notice that the date for that decree is not stated in those verses.  The actual time of that decree is given in the second chapter of the Book of Nehemiah.  God, for some reason, tells the reader that this conversation between Artaxerxes took place in the twentieth year of his reign in the month of Nisan(March/April).  Why did God give that date?  The obvious reason, in my opinion, is the fulfillment of his prophesy to Daniel had to have a starting date. 

If you Google Artaxerxes, you’ll see that he reigned for 40 years, from 465BC to 425BC.  The 20th year of his reign was in 445BC.  Keep in mind now, that the 40 years of his reign is based on the Julian Calendar, which was started by Julius Caesar, and was based on the solar year of 365.25 days per year.  Daniel uses a 360 day lunar year in his writings. Once you have the starting time for the decree, the next step is to determine how long each of those 483 time periods are.  Well, it’s clearly not days, since no Messiah showed up 483 days from March/April of 445BC.  It’s also clear it’s not months, for the same reason.  If we use 360 day years Daniel repeatedly uses in his writings, you get 173,880 days from March/April of 445BC. If you do the math, remembering that the solar year is 365.25 days long and that there is no year zero, you’ll come to March/April of 32AD.  That is the time period when Jesus entered Jerusalem as God’s lamb, to be sacrificed.

March/April of 32AD is my starting point for my guess that the last seven years Daniel refers to his prophecy will be 2025.  If you want to know how I arrived at my guess, you only have to ask, then you can make your own determination

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