I think we should pull them all back

By: NJ Trojan

make the announcement that all Federal officers will be removed and after their removal those cities and states are on their own.   So if all the Federal officers leave then KuM Ba yah would wash over the "protestors".  Yea right.

The liberals are saying that the arrival of the Federal officers are "esclating the protests" to violence.  Lets completely ignore that the "peaceful protests with property destruction" have been going on for almost 2 months now but the officers starting showing up a few weeks ago but I disgress.  

These protests have nothing to do with any of the current "social justice issues" These little shits are just out to destroy and to take down any type of government structure and to transition to anarchy.  I say let the mayor of portland and mayor of seattle allow the destruction of their own cities by these "peaceful protestors"  

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