The other stuff should make you curious

By: GTrojan

I know you are not a religious person, August, but you should look at what is happening in this world from a different perspective.  Do you believe that the leftists of this world got together and orchestrated the Arab Spring, the spreading of Muslim refugees through Europe and many in enclaves in America?  Do you think Pelosi, Shumer, Shiff, etc,, etc., got together with China's President to release the Corona Virus on the world? The Obama Presidency, and all the other stuff that is happening in the world is being orchestrated by Principles and Powers of darkness in spiritual realms,  If Trump fails to be elected, then America will join the one world order, paving the way for the Son of Perdition to take power.  I know this seems like a bunch of nonsense, but I would encourage you to read the Book of Daniel, it is only 12 Chapters long.  It was written by the Prophet Daniel during the Babylonian exile of Judah between 616 and 536BC,  If you read it, you'll notice that he actually predicts the rise of Alexander the Great and his fall at a young age and his kingdom being divided up into four parts.  He also is given the prophecy of when the Messiah would come and be killed, with the starting date provided by the prophet Nehimiah.  It's an amazing book.

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