One idea that is tough to comprehend

By: malapert

in the West is that the concept of truth is not solid in other cultures. Truth depends on trust. That trust is thin in most cultures.

In chinese culture saving face, not being embarrassed still reigns as the core central value. To admit failure is to lose face. Add to that fear of losing a deep seated fear of the communist party. That party is not afraid to kill those that disagree, stand out, or otherwise oppose the consensus.. Individuals, families and other small units including bureaucratic fiefdoms learn to go along, not make waves, and rarely be truthful.

Shutting up about bad news might save your skin as a Chinese, until you get failures like Chernobyl. If you havent watched Chernobyl, then watch if for no other reason than to see how the lies were passed up the system even after the disaster. In one episode a German robot built to help solve the meltdown, fails becasue everyone has passed good news that is false about radiation levels. The radiation cooks the robot and the solution fails.

So its not just the central committee of the communist party lying. Its every cog and gear in the system lying to the other cogs and gears. Bad quality, systems failures, defects and mistakes dont get handled nicely or well.

The dam may well be a strong allegory for the Chinese system at large. Corruption takes away the reliability of systems and materials. Inferior chinese goods and contruction are common, but no one speaks up because of the money and the fear of "sticking out".

In a similar way arab armies get their asses kicked by the Israelis for the same reasons. Untruth and corruption fails.


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