and corruption in the construction

By: malapert

this articel nails my point....

Report: Nearly 100 Counts of Corruption During Construction of China’s Three Gorges Dam

60This picture taken on June 29, 2020 shows water being released from the Three Gorges Dam, a gigantic hydropower project on the Yangtze river, in Yichang, central China's Hubei province. - The Three Gorges Dam released water for the first time this year, as a preparation of the upcoming annual …STR/AFP via Getty Images

Australia’s Spectator revealed on Thursday that police received nearly 100 corruption complaints during the construction of the world’s largest hydroelectric dam, the Three Gorges Dam, currently straining under the pressure of once-in-a-century floods. 

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not eager to discuss how many corners might have been cut to make up for the funds that were pilfered from the $30 billion project.

Chinese officials insist the Three Gorges Dam is perfectly safe, recently-admitted structural shifts were well within its safety parameters, and concerns to the controversy are irresponsible fearmongering driven by hostile foreigners hoping to destroy public faith in the Chinese government.

The Spectator grimly noted CCP officials talked the same way about several other dams right before they collapsed. Given that “criticism of the Three Gorges project is forbidden” and the Party cracked down hard on doctors who tried to draw attention to the Wuhan coronavirus in the early days of the pandemic, that concession in early July that the walls “leaked, moved, and distorted” looks more alarming.

“It is plausible because during construction there were nearly a hundred reported instances of corruption, bribery and embezzlement, including 16 cases directly related to construction,” the Spectator recalled. 

“The dam’s principal sponsor, former Premier Li Peng, used his position to appoint relatives to senior positions in the construction company. On completion and, with several hundred thousand forcibly relocated inhabitants denied their full resettlement entitlements, Li’s family ended up controlling 15 per cent of China’s power generation industry,” the report added.

“The Three Gorges project is a fitting metaphor for today’s China. Full of promise and fanfare at the time, it has failed to deliver the key objective of flood mitigation,” the Spectator concluded.

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