I don't know what you own but

By: Old Hickory Trojan

my Winny sleeps four and gets 20MPG, has shower and toilet, kitchen , solar power as well as a generator and can pretty much go anywhere and is self contained for days...my Jeep is a beater and is still running strong after 20 years using it on the farm in the dirt and in the rocks surrounding the property...and my RAM is a beautiful truck got every option you could ask for and I've never had a problem with it...so for what you call B- Grade shet..I'd say since I actually use them they are doing just fine...gotta wonder what pieces of crap you own that could do what I ask of my vehicles every day....probably expensive pieces of crap...and like I told you before anyone with a brain wouldn't be living in pedofilia California...talk about in breeding...no wonder patriotic folks are leaving that state and heading to places like Tennessee...Ben Shapiro said it correctly when he announced his company's move to Nashville...he needed to get away from the nutcases in California and raise his kids in a healthy environment...something sadly missing in that shethole..

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