Ya, that's genius logic.

By: San Clemente

just like your uneducated  messican  gardener knows everything about your type of lawn because he cuts it every other week, huh.  


Nurses do what they are told.  That's it.  They don't know jack shit.  They don't have a clue about different types of viruses. They don't take virology classes, and neither have you. AND They don't test "strains" of viruses at the hospital level, idiot.  


But you aren't smart enough to even ask them what type of virus the chi-com virus is.  Let me clue you in, they have no idea. They just know they are really small, and the smarter ones might know that antibiotics don't work.  But they told you that some douche that's banging your daughter got a really bad one, and you believed it. 


Believe everything Dr Fauci tells you, and don't think he has an agenda.  That's a good little citizen. sc 







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