So how does Trump turn a double into

By: San Clemente

an inside the park homerun?


Trump just got a hanging curveball and smashed the shit out of it into the left field coner.  


It's now up to him.  does he jog into second base or does he turn on the jets.  



Trump needs to give this one full day to percolate and build momentum and then on friday DROP the mother of all bombs.  



FIRE CHRISTOPHER WRAY.  Have a very public  announcement from the oval office and state that he was hired to drain the swamp and throw Wray under the biggest ukaranian Bus ever imagined.  The FBI had all this information.  WRAY by sitting on this information and  put the country through impeachment and delayed the response to the chicom virus.  


round third.  


Also announce that the United States will break up the just as CORRUPT  facebook and Twitter in the interest of the first amendment.  


BOOOOOOOOOOM  knock the catcher off his cleats and onto his ASS and tap on home plate with your toe.  


Election WON in a landslide.  


They really should pay me. sc 

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