Biden town hall not only had

By: Old Hickory Trojan

a moderator tossing softballs and nothing about Hunter...but they also had a guy in the audience who was supposed to be an uncommitted voter who worked for Biden talking more about trump then about Biden and it was ugly...and why no one questioned senole Joe about his comment that cops should shoot the criminal in the leg instead of killing them...the guy is a total moron and obviousl never held a firearm to lack so much knowledge...shoot them in the leg....geezuz that has to be the sutpidest thing anyone could say in a confrontation...besides there are arteries in the leg that if hit will bleed you out quickly...Old Joe watches too much Hollywood...surprised he didn't say shoot the firearm or knife out of the criminals hand......and it's nice to know that your eight year ld can decide he/she wants to transition and the government should protect their rights to do so even over the objection of their parents....the man is a maniac.

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