uh, I have a rolex too.

By: San Clemente

also a gift from a relative.  just don't wear it any more than I have to.  Big, clunky.  just not me.  


A relative gave me a shotgun as a gift. Really cool, Pistol grip.  Got a case for it too. Never denied it.   Never fired it.  Nice to know it's there if I need it.  Could not believe you could by amo online (back then)  and they would just leave it by the  outer gate.  


You posted you are against ACB because She's anti gun.  FACT.    Uh,  she owns a gun too.  Just like me.   People that aren't gun nuts aren't against the second amendment .   


Only question is if you are a gun nut, LIKE YOU,    What else are you nuts about?  sc 

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