I like her better then Kavanaugh as well

By: Old Hickory Trojan

he reminds me of Roberts...not sure he can be counted on in any bigtime court decision to stick with the Conservatives...hopefully Trump does get re-elected and when the Epstein flight logs come out there is sufficient eveidence to get Roberts removed...wordt so called Conservative justice I can remember...

as far as being a skeet shooter great at least you know how to load it and shoot it...but have you prcticed reloads and if you have are you fast enough at it to have continuous firepower...I use an Over and under for skeet and I'm not good enough with it to reload with any kind of speed...my pump actions I do alright with but I'm better with my AR and a pistol...the advantage of training is at least in the clasess I've taken is they spend a lot of time on scenarios and liability... both help with developing muscle memory and decision making..

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