Met Nancy Reagan at Jack Kemp's kid's

By: San Clemente


wedding at the Balboa Bay club.  Man was that woman small.  


Live a few doors down from Nixon's old pad. 


Saw Bush in person.  Thought his wife looked like his mom.  


Was standing next the FBI building in Washington when Clinton's entourage drove by.  Was about 20 feet away. The glass on those limos are really tinted  green.  Not sure why.  


Met W at a fundraiser in La Jolla . Never thought he would be president and NO I would not pay 5k for a freaking photo with anyone, not even with Jesus.  


Been to the zoo.  


The big bad orange man in the OC.  wonder if Hope Hicks will be there.  What a babe.  Have to get up early.  Can't wait. sc 

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