Hey Tokyo

By: MJDavidson

This is an ultra conservative site and just about nothing that is said that does not tow their line will go over well. 

Maybe some or all  of their predictions  regarding the election will come to pass---but just maybe not. Their big sources tend to be The Epoch Times and One America News Network.  Good luck trying to penetrate  the wall put up by those two organizations.

OTOH, just look at the similarity between those taking Trumps side in this election discussion/prediction with those who minimized the Covid-19 problem. How are they doing with that one? Remember, it would go silent on November 4, 2020  And Yes it is a pandemic---FACT as Bill likes to say. And guess what folks, it has now entered the exponential stage and the worst is yet to come, even if a vaccine is soon available.  For those who minimized the seriousness, I have a simple question. How many of them  have seen body bags and more body bags?  The cops , the veterans of infantry warfare , healthcare workers such as nurses , ER docs, ICU docs have likely  seen the mulltiple dead people. But many  who made  the claims have not.  Talk to the ICU docs who have been treating this for the last 7 or more months. Most people do survive, but lots and lots die or are in the ICU for weeks or more and have horrendous follow up problems. 

The libtards as liberals are so affectionately referred to around here are just useless right?  Well, ok folks, just watch what happens if the Supreme Court eliminates the Affordable Care Act, which at the moment does not seem likely, but one never knows. Pre existing problems---this is for the NJ Guy----forgetaboutit.  You want to believe Trump, good luck on that. There is NO replacement plan  ready and if he is back, there won't be a plan in the near future.   AS for only the fat fawks as a poster likes to say, who cares right?  just have them lose weight and if not, if they get Covid and don't recover, what's the big effing deal, right? 

How did you like the reference to the Yellow Man by the biggot? He implied that anyone who is a CPA is ASIAN, didn't he?   Nothing racist about him, is there?   And btw, not all CPA graduates are ASIAN , not even at USC--again FACT.

And while we are at it, for those ultraconservatives who post here and are over 65 or are disabled, I sure as heck hope none of you,is using Medicare or collecting Social Security, you know, from the GBMENT, or however you guys say it.

And before this goes any further, my family is USA Military all the way, full time USAF.  I bleed Red White and Blue. I don't really believe anyone should ever be able to be President of the USA without having served in the military. How can anyone be the Commander and Chief without having served!!  I like some of the policies Trump has, I just don't like the way he acts; I believe in having a president, not somebody who thinks he is a king and has his own personal DOJ, AG and judging by his most recent appointments, hopefully not his own military. 

But when it comes to healthcare, I am as  blue as Bernie. You want to believe that private insurance and competition is THE ANSWER with healthcare, it is a free country.  Just watch what happens. And when you mention just open up the plans so they can cross state lines, good luck with that. And let's hear about the high risk pools for pre existing conditions----->yeah right, That is ok for your friends family, but pray you don't ever have to use such a thing yourself.  And if you don't believe health care is a right, and it is a privilege, have the gonads to act that way   In other words, if a person cannot pay for the service, no service isn't that what a privilege means? 

If there really was all the alleged cheating, I hope it is rectified and the cheaters are treated as such. But along the way, I also hope that those folks, particulary in states like GA who have made it as difficult as possible for some to vote, or for those fine folks in Texas who allowed one drop box for a county of 4 million people and   with a land area the size of Rhode Island are also held accountable. But hey, they are conservatives, so surely none of that happned.,

Have a great night Tokyo, and for the record, he is not who most of you think he is. I have known him since Troy Polamulu was in high school and being recruited by SC just as I have known San Clemente, since before SC played FSU in Talahassee, where the Alligators roam so freely, right Bill?  

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