A Response

By: MJDavidson

No I don't like the way he acts. 

Tell me, why do you suppose he never calls out Putin?

How do you think the union workers felt when he stiffed them time and again, because he legally could?

Why do you suppose he never addressed the issue of an alleged Russian sponsored bounty on United States Troops heads?

Why do you suppose he takes the word of Putin over the word of his own  advisors?

And being a veteran as you are, and thank you for your service, do you think it was appropriate for him to publicly denigrate John McCain, a naval aviator who did serve, unlike President Trump,  who was shot down and tortured in a North Vietnamese prison camp because  Trump only likes winners?  How exactly does one spin that?

As for the diatribe it is an open board, isn't it?  I did not use profanity or threats. 

But best of all, I did not think there were good guys on both sides in Charletsville, VA a point he so eloquently tried to point out. 

And make no mistake. I did not try to ridicule President Trump .  Rather I tried to present  some opposing  opinions about some of what I feel have been one sided, ultraconservative  posts, which by the way, are quite allowable and appropriate  on this site. 

And while we are on the diatribe issue, do you have any concerns about keeping  Biden and his team out of the loop with regards to potentially crucial security issues?  Do you think it is appropriate for the President  to put his personal issues above that of the country?  The last time there was anything close to a similar delay, the USA got hammered on 9-11 or am I mistaken? And did you find it at all curious that he wanted all the voting to be halted in those battleground states in which he held the lead but he wanted the voting to be continued in all the battleground states in which he trailed? Just asking !

Maybe you are quite correct. Perhaps I would have also exploded.  Nonethless, if it does not bother you that he seemingly puts his own personal agenda over the best interest of the country, we simply think differently. And btw, that viewpoint has been expressed by high ranking generals and military veterans who have dealth with him.  And do you not find it rather strange that he repeatedly has said that he knows more than the generals on many occasions?  

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