By: MJDavidson

I have no desire to come to Tokyo's defense.  His posts  simply gave a pretty good opening to try tp present a very different perspective of the general tone here.  He is a big boy and does not need me to help out any more than Bill would need or want help.

The current topics are actually important to me. Many of the posters seem to  have views very different than my own.  This is a forum which gives a good opportunity to express oneself.  

There have been multiple assertions over time regarding both this election , health care  and regarding Covid 19.  As you pointed out, I have avoided expressing anything on this site for a long time.  

Time will tell about this election and cheating.  I hate cheaters on both sides.  If Trump was really cheated , I hate that------->mostly because it is just another strike against freedom and against the United States. I was not kidding when  I said I bleed Red White and Blue, no matter how bizarre or "corny"  that sounds.

Similarly, my views on health care, based mostly on what I have seen for the past 40 years is very different than many people's takes.  I worked in multiple settings , both rich and poor and it really bothers me when people suffer because they cannot afford and/or get the care they need and that includes many many people who work two or more jobs and still can't pay the health care bills.  I might be making a mistake by actually being serious in this response, but I have lots of time now and really have nothing to lose .

I also followed that various takes on the Covid 19 pandemic closely.  I have disagreed vehemently with most of what was posted, but I chose to remain quiet.  More than one poster felt that it was no big deal and was being overhyped.  They were and still are wrong. This is a major issue and as I stated, it is going to get somewhat worse before it finally improves. I never said I had the right approach,but  simple things like wearing masks and trying to keep a safe distance are helpful----FACT. I also specificallly read a post claiming that the number of deaths was not all that bad considering the overall population of this country.  Well, I think the number of deaths is tragic and it is about to get even worse.  There were also interesting posts about herd immunity that I also found hard to accept, but eveeryone is entitled to an opinion.  This is just a time to express my own. 

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