Yes Putin

By: MJDavidson

I can't imagine how anyone who tends to be pro American and who expresses views against the libtards and against the left in general is not incensed by the lack of response to Putin. You know, good old Vladimir, former KGB (who still hates the USA), former and current dicatator and one of America's greatest enemies. 

This guy hates  the United States and dreams of re establishing the old Soviet dominance or illusion of such. 

I will never understand or accept President Trumps approach to this dictator.   If you choose to believe that Putin is not behind Russian attempts to disrupt the American way of life, good luck with that. 

I honestly believe that Putin, the leader of China, the head of North Korea , Erdogan from Turkey and the Iranians are all major problems who must be stood up to and dealt with.  I actually think Trump did a job standing up to China, and he has apparently given his best shot with the North Koreans.  I would like to see a much tougher response to Turkey, and it is time to get out of Incirlik and make sure our nukes are out of there.   I agree strongly with getting out of the Iran deal; I would like to see the United States be even tougher with them. I have no love of Biden either and it will be a mistake IMO if and when we get back in that Iranian deal.  All that will do is let them off the hook, given them money and all the while the Iranians will still be enriching Urnanium at clandestine sites that the agreement does not provide access to inspect.   I guess those views are not typical of most libtards wouldn't you agaree ?

I just cannot help but wonder about Putin. If OMG is your best response, congratulations.  

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